A New Class II Medical Device

FDA cleared medical device that uses a patented, biorhythmic impulse that temporarily increases blood flow (by 29%) and enhances muscular performance.  The focus is whole body wellness or a specific area of the body that has pain or discomfort.

It is as easy as laying down on a massage table for 8 minutes.
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Improves blood circulation by up to 30%

Enhances the following:

• Nutrient and Oxygen Delivery

• Local Blood Flow

• Waste Removal

• Muscle Conditioning

• Performance

• Muscular Strength

• Endurance and Energy

• Vitality and Well-Being

• Stress Reduction and Relaxation

• Sleep Management

• European design

• FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device

• Peer-reviewed medical publications

• Multiple worldwide patents

• Winner of scientific and design awards

• Proprietary signal configuration

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