Hannah Christiansen, B.A.



Hannah completed her internship at WWC and graduated in December 2018. As a former CNA, she brings a unique experience to the client. She has developed exceptional skill sets which she utilizes to teach classes and private training sessions. Hannah has significantly impacted WWC and her professional growth is evident.




Emilio Ballesteros


Emilio completed his internship at Wesley Medical Center in Cardiac Rehabilitation which is a tremendous resource to WWC. Emilio graduated from WSU in December of 2020 and joined WWC in February of 2021. His professional development and skill sets are an asset to WWC.






Abbie Lehman-Chaffin, M.Ed.

ACE-CPT & Health Coach
(Special Projects Employee)


Abbie graduated with her master's degree from WSU in 2018 after completing both her undergraduate and graduate internships at WWC. She brings great knowledge and has developed exceptional problem solving and skill sets for advanced personal training. She also brings a vast amount of knowledge for athletes after nine years of a very successful career in basketball and volleyball. Abbie teaches classes and leads privated sessions.


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