In November of 2010, I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after an epidural followed by a back operation. This required multiple sympathetic blocks, a clonidine patch over the femoral nerve, huge doses of gabapentin and long term physical therapy in order to manage the disability incurred. I have been plateaued as far as improvement for several years. BEMER has suddenly opened some new doors!! My sense of lower extremity position in space has improved dramatically. This has been followed by an improvement in balance and strength. Though the results may not be as dramatic as mine and this may not qualify for a miracle, it comes close for me!!

J. Smith, MD, Wichita, KS

I come to WWC because Wendy is the reason that I am still up and walking around. Without the training sessions on a regular basis I become noticeably weaker and experience more leg pain and shoulder pain. I am so thankful for Wendy’s knowledge in how to “fix” my various “pains”.

Cindy A, Andover, KS

I am using the BEMER to help with circulation. I noticed a difference in how I felt, even after my first session. The specific spots that we target work well after each session. My well-being has greatly improved in exercises, day to day living, and restfulness at night.

Dee C, Wichita, KS

Empowered! Educated!

Jenifer C, MD, Wichita, KS

I have learned so much from my workouts at Williamson Wellness Center. The lessons have helped me understand how to help in my well-being. WWC is more knowledgeable than other places that I have trained in the past because of their attention to detail and individual needs.

Dee C, Wichita, KS

I started coming here two years ago out of concern for balance and falling. I have seen enormous improvement in strength and balance. I can now get up off the floor, have more energy, and feel healthier overall. Thank you to Wendy and staff.

Deb M, Andover, KS

"So thankful to have located Williamson Wellness Center to help me be proactive to strengthening muscles as my neuromuscular condition advances. This is a wonderful place for anyone with special needs for physical fitness, for athletes working toward improving their performance, for pre and post orthopedic surgeries, and for those concerned with the health issues of osteoporosis/osteoarthritis. Williamson Wellness Center has made a significant difference in my life."

Kathryn C, Andover, KS

"I began seeing Wendy Williamson, PhD. for back pain due to spinal stenosis over 4 years ago. At that time, I was also seeing a pain management physician. With Wendy’s help and time spent strengthening my muscles; my pain is manageable without pain injections. I am able to do what I wish to do. She continues to monitor me on a regular basis.

Wendy knows back problems exceptionally well, thus giving me a better life, with pain that is much easier to manage. As her client, I have to be as dedicated to my exercise program as she is to helping me maintain optimal health."

JoAnne Vonderbrink, RN




"Wendy conducted a 2-day workshop at our Pennsylvania club last fall. Her audience was fitness professionals with various backgrounds, education and years of experience. Wendy did a brilliant job challenging our best while supporting our newest. All left the workshop energized and inspired. The material was clear and organized, and Wendy delivered it with energy and enthusiasm. It was a very successful weekend by all accounts. Thanks, Wendy!"

Amanda Harris

VP of Fitness & Wellness

ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers



"In 1982, my freshmen year of college I was a passenger in a tragic automobile accident which broke my back in several places. After several back surgeries to stabilize the spine, chronic pain became a part of my life. The injury was so critical that the following years demanded intense rehabilitation to ensure the stability of the spinal structure.

In 2007, I thought I had reached my full physical potential as I gave in to the idea that I would never return to the strength I had before my accident. Managing pain was part of my daily routine. After training with Dr. Wendy Williamson in the last year I have returned to full strength and I am pain free. I am running 2 miles 3 times per week. I am running for the first time since I was 18 years old. I am 44 years old and healthier than I have ever been in years. I am now able reach my full potential in life with the strength I have gained."

Jean Anderson

Health Educator



"Meet Wendy Williamson, PhD...

Personal Trainer, Subject-Matter-Expert, Educator, Lecturer and Consultant.

What creates more depth to Dr. Williamson’s PhD is that she is grounded in a reality that makes a fitness professional authentic….she not only completed her doctorate while still delivering 40 personal training sessions per week, but she is still in the “trenches” as a practicing Personal Trainer. Now she is “only” doing 30 sessions per week!

What we are missing today as an industry is vision, purpose and commitment. After you attend one of Dr. Williamson’s educational or consulting encounters, you will individually find your vision, mission and a commitment to find your professional purpose just as Dr. Williamson has done."


STAR 3 Spinning® Instructor

Esquerre Fitness Group



"Wendy is the most educated, dedicated personal trainer that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has special interest/training with special populations of patients with a multitude of medical/orthopedic problems that makes her one of a kind. Wendy's passion for what she does is the reason she has set herself above her peers. I would not think twice about sending my patients or my family to Wendy."

Mark L. Stovak, M.D.

Former Medical Director - Via Christi Sports Medicine

Former Associate Director - Via Christi Family Medicine Residency Program

Former Program Director - KU School of Medicine - Wichita Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at Via Christi Regional Medical Center

Former Medical Director - Wichita State University

Former Intercollegiate Athletic Assn.

Former Adjunct Faculty - Wichita State University Dept of Kinesiology and Sport Studies



"Wendy Williamson is one of the top presenters in the fitness industry. I have seen her present at the Mercy Health Plex in Cincinnati, Ohio where she taught our staff both the basics and in-depth information for training the high risk population. The value of her presentations has direct impact on overall company and department revenues. She brings the 'solution' to fitness professionals who are challeged by training both the high risk and general population. She combines both lecture and 'hands-on' presentations to teach trainers the best practices of training all populations."

Lisa Coors

STAR 3 Spinning® Instructor

Owner, Coors Core Fitness



"I recently attended a two day workshop on the back conducted by Wendy Williamson. As an Athletic Trainer for over twenty –five years this was one of the best run seminars that I have taken. Her information is current and presented in a clear and concise manner. Her presentation provides for both interaction and hands on activities. Because of her style and enthusiasm the material really comes alive. You leave her presentation knowing that you will be able to use the information the next day with you clients. Her seminars are truly a worthwhile learning experience."

John Herr


Personal Trainer ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center –West Chester



"Having attended many workshops in the last 30 years, I have left some of them wondering how I would ever be able to apply the information that was presented. The techniques not only did not seem to apply to my daily experiences, but practical ways of incorporating those techniques on an individual basis were not discussed either.

I have attended two of Wendy Williamson’s workshops in the last year and was able to directly apply her techniques the very next day. In both workshops, after new techniques were discussed, Wendy brought a participant up to the front and led a group discussion on how the exercises would be applied. Then, after breaking up into small groups, we learned each group of techniques as Wendy quickly moved around the room facilitating the exercises. By asking “why”, Wendy helped us learn how each movement would apply to various situations. Because these workshops were divided into lectures, personal stories that demonstrated the benefits of the techniques in various situations, and hands on practice, we moved quickly through a wealth of materials. I left each workshop having learned new techniques that I could implement the very next day. Now, whenever I am presented with a new situation, I always think, “What Would Wendy Do?”

Elizabeth Dimorier

Coordinator of Medical Programs

ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center

West Chester, PA.



"Because of a familial history of Parkinson's Disease, my February 2014 diagnosis came as no surprise. I suspected I had the disease for a few years prior to this date. Post back surgery issues caused me to further reduce my physical activity which increased the Parkinson's symptoms. Ultimately, I began using a cane to assist with walking.

While reading the newspaper a year ago, I learned about Williamson Wellness Center. The article noted that this facility had a niche in assisting people with Parkinson's. I filed it, as a "to do". Toward the end of 2014, I learned that people with diagnoses of Parkinson's Disease should take a more proactive approach in facilitating their quality of life, and not wait until symptoms more fully manifested. Increased physical activity, it noted, was key.

My goal is to become strong enough to participate in Dr. Williamson's classes held for Parkinson's clients. Beyond that, I want to be able to enjoy the lifestyle I had prior to my back issues. When I began training with Dr. Willliamson, I was hamstrung by persistent, debilitating, sciatic nerve discomfort and not able to spend more than a few hours a day out of bed. After six, hour-long sessions with Dr. Williamson, I am almost totally pain-free where the sciatica is concerned, and am able to slowly begin resuming my previous levels of activity.

It is one thing to preach wellness, and another to facilitate its presence in your life. While I know the onus will always be on me, it is both encouraging and refreshing to train with someone as qualified and knowledgeable as is Dr. Williamson. She is making a difference."





"I like the way WWC Parkinson's Class has a variety of exercises. The staff is always ready to assist anyone who needs help with the exercises. We are also standing most of the time and being active. I like the multi-tasking exercises (clock numbers, naming states while throwing and catching balls, TRX exercises, using the machines, the selective music, and the conversation and comradarie around the whole class."

Mary Lou


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